Saturday, October 25, 2008


Taylor + Overstreet = Homecoming 08

In the above picture, Courtney is helping Jen get ready.

Courtney was such a big help - I don't know what we would have done without her. She helped pick out the dress, she bought the shoes and the jewelrey and then did Jen's hair and make-up. Whooo - she did it all. Thanks Courtney.

Side note - the whole time she was working on Jen's hair - she kept saying "Where's Jess?" Jessica usually jumped in and did the hair when she was still here in Mesa. Courtney jumped right in and did a fantastic job.

This has been a different experience getting ready for this. Sorry Court & Jess, but you two used to get so stressed about hair, make-up, etc. Jen doesn't. I stress because she's not. There were no tears. What's up with that?

Jessica wanted to know what Jen's dress, etc. looked like. Here are some photo's I took as they were leaving. Callie was taking their group pictures in the Overstreet's back yard, in front of their big trees. They should turn out nice.

This is Jordan Overstreet and Jen. Don't they look cute.

Our families have been friends for quite a while.

And.... Jen's oldest sister is married to Jordan's oldest brother.... go figure.

Whenever we have a party with the Overstreet's Jen and Jordan have been each other's competition. They're both really good at Guitar Hero, Rock Band and card games. They give each other a run for their money.

After the dance tonight, their fun group is heading back to Overstreet's to play some games. Let the competitions begin!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Get er Done!.

I made myself a list of "Things to Do" - during my week off from work.

This was on my list.

Get Flu shot

Got er done.

They are giving them at the Fry's on Baseline and Val Vista this
week - end.

On the list........

Plant Flowers.............

Got er done!

On the list......

Plant garden (tomatoes and jalepenos)..........

Got er done!!!!

The weather was so nice (Sunday night)- we played outside w/Jaxon. - Jaxon loves to play outside and "kick" the ball. We also went to the park on Thursday....

On the list.....

Spend time w/family.........

Got er done!!!!!!
The list........
I'll never know if I completed all the things on my list - why? Because I lost my list.
I'm getting old!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Kenny and I went to get some Mesa Fro Yo after Mesa Highs Football game on Friday and we ran into our previous neighbors who lived next to us 20 years ago. It was so fun to see their kids now grown and married, chasing their little ones.

Running into them made me ponder on the past.
Some of the changes in the past 20 years are:

4 different neighbors in the house to the North of us.

3 different neighbors in the house South of us.

and more in the houses around us. We love our neighbors and our wonderful neighborhood.

We cherrish the memories of then and now!

The kids then--->

The kids now----->

Our family then........

Our family now...........

The many swimming parties we've had.


Many friends parties.........

Many first days of schools.....

Our front yard holds the most fun memories for my kids. They played many games of football, baseball, soccer,hide-n-seek, kick the can and whatever else they did in our front yard.

(This is the only picture I could find of the kids playing in the front yard(sad) - it was Jen's 11th birthday party)

We're thankful for all of the Great Times we had then and are very thankful for the Great Times we're having now.