Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week- end at Taylor Ranch!

A New Addition to Taylor Ranch

The Duplex

The Front....

The Back....

I loved the big porch.....

At night we would sit out

on the huge porch

(just like in the old movies)

It was SOOO Nice and cool......

and what a beautiful view!

A Little Paint Balling......

Tyler and Jake Jarvis


a litte motorcycling.....

A Little Sight - seeing in the

electric car

This car is not quite the four-wheeling vehicle...

It ran out of juice quite fast with four

of us riding the hills in it...

Heavy Load??!!!

(maybe we had one too many hot fudge sundaes )

Is it a Ranch or a Farm?



(Thank goodness I wasn't wearing red. He was really checking me out!)


(Not wearing pajama's)

and chickens, rooster, ducks &

a big cat w/ baby cat in barn

We were sad to leave because look what

was rolling in......

We love thunderstorms in the mountains.

We got a "free car wash" on the way home!

All Natural!

Think Green???

Jessica getting ready for

her Bridals on Monday morning?

Jess and Jen modeling the hair extensions.....

Maybe a little mixed up on where the

extensions go?!!!

Does Kenny need some hair extensions?
Wouldn't that be funny!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday, June 22, was my mom's 71st Birthday!
We made our families traditional Fudgy Fudge Cake!
It is a chocolate cake that has been made for many a family party on
my side of the family for over 40 years.
You eat this cake while it's still hot.
I stuck the candles in the cake while it was hot
they melted and started tipping over.
That has never happened to me before.
The cake was great!!! My favorite and my mom's favorite also!
I hope my mom had a great Birthday!!!

The group that sang " HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!

Courtney, Jason and Jaxon came after the Kodak moments.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Weeks "FIRSTS'

1st Time for me to pay over $4.00 for a tank of gas - ugh!

1st Time for Tyler to get his Braces off!

1st Time for my First grandchild to have his First Birthday!
Jaxon loved his new lawn mower.

1st Time enjoying Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio. (I learned it's $1.00 taco's after 3:00PM) Yummy!
(Because I went at 12:00, no deals on tacos, I had to get a burrito - and yes I took Kenny back for dinner and we got the taco specials, that's me-always going for the good deals!)

Jen's 18's Club Volleyball team won First Place in their last club tournament!!! Congrats!

Jen's eyes were closed.
1:00 AM - is the time I've been staying up til working on wedding invitations.

(This is one of the 3 boxes I have finished, I'm waiting on the ribbon to come in on Friday to finish up the next couple hundred of invitations - fun!?)

1st Customer at the Post Office to buy the new .42 cent wedding stamp.

1st Trip for Jessica with her to-be in-laws family.
Maybe when she gets back I can post a picture!?

1st Friend from Harmony Park (Jessica's age group) to get married.
It was such a beautiful reception!!!!!!
Those are a few of my "FIRST'S" - or sometimes anything to do with one.