Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Events

Jennifer's last prom.
Jennifer's softball banquet.
Schools Out for Summer.
Jennifer Graduated.
Registered Jen at ASU.
Jason & Courtney's 4th Anniversary.
Courtney's 23rd Birthday.
Courtney's expecting #2.
Taylor Reunion over Memorial Weekend.
Graham & Jessica have come and gone.
I accepted an MPS job for next year.
I accepted a part time summer job.
Tyler's last baseball game.
That's all!!

Jake & Jen Prom/09

HP Senior Dinner- A yummy Mexican Fiesta in the Stahle's back yard.

Jen's Senior picture taken by Courtney

HP graduates at Baccalaureate.

Jen & her BFF Lexi.

Jenny's graduating friends. Notice we hadn't bought the tassel yet.
Showing some leg.


Jake & Jen at Graduation. A wet graduation. Does it rain in AZ?

Jessica, Jen, Tyler, & Courtney at graduation.

It rained during the entire graduation ceremony. It's one for the memory books, we were wet & cold on May 21st in Mesa, AZ. It was funny because even though you had an umbrella over your head the rain would drip off from the umbrella next to you and soak you. A little cat fight occured in front of us because the water was running off from one ladies umbrella onto the leg of the lady behind her. You had to be there. One good thing about the rain, the speakers (adults) shortened their speeches. There was no music, the band and orchestra had to take their instruments back into the building. Too wet!!

This is a picture of 7 girls who started playing softball with Coach Brewer 8 years ago. He was such an amazing coach and taught these girls so much. They ended up playing together their senior year - so we had to get a special photo of them.

When Jessica got here from Wichita we had Jen's prom picture out in the family room. I noticed a few hours later that Jess's prom picture showed up next to Jen's in the family room. I guess it brought back memories for Jess.? It was funny how it annonymously appeared.
Do you see any similarities?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorry - two blogs in one night.
Tonight I came home from work a little shaken.
Again an incident at the Jr. High where I
I call it the little prison because it really feels
like that's where we are. It's a focus school, where
the kids that can't make it in the regular schools come to as the last chance to be in a public school.
O.K. It's Friday - a good day until 1:45.
This is how the events went:
It's the end of lunch time - it's Friday the kids seem a little edgy.
4 Boys start using very colorful language, one boy accusing another boy of looking at his girlfriend. The boys start walking to a building where they can duke it out.
These kids LOVE to fight.
The secretary is out there helping monitor these kids during the lunch hour along with some teachers,and a security guard. She's trying to keep these guys
from brawling when all of a sudden she get's a hard blow to
the back of her neck. One of the guys hit her hard on the back of her neck.
Fists were flying - tempers raging.
Another student was hit hard in the mouth, a bloody mess.
The security guard and 2 teachers are trying to constrain the students the
best they can - while the secretary is brought into me.
She's shaking, very unstable. She's throwing up and
very dizzy. 3 Police cars, a gang taskforce, 1 firetruck & 1 ambulance end up at our school.
The secretary is taken by ambulance to Scottsdale Osborne. A student is taken to get stitches on his face. The security
guard is shaken up in the fight also - I don't know if he or the secretary will be
back on campus on Monday. I hope they're o.k.
I was lucky because I was just out amongst the thugs monitoring
my little defiant diabetic who lies about what food he
eats at lunchtime. We had gone into the Health Office just minutes before the excitement started. Needless to say, I was the last one
at the school on this lovely Friday afternoon filling out
Accident Reports. Wah Wah! (Besides the janitor)
I'm glad this year's almost over!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Where will you find the Taylor's at night?
At the Ball Parks.
Senior Night for Jen's Softball.
Jen and her best bud - Lexi after their last home game ever!!
So Sad!

The 10 graduating seniors from Mesa High Softball.
Most of these girls have played together for 5 years. They have had a lot of great times together. Lots of fun memories.

Jen receiving her rose from Coach Madril.
This was Coach Madril's first year as head coach. He did awesome. He was Gay Turley's assistant for many years. Coach Madril will have some good years to come.

Jen receiving her Senior Back pack full of gifts.
Jen was most excited about the Movie Ticket. (She's actually using the ticket as I blog to see 17 Again) She also loved the QT gift certificate, + everything else.

The season started off slow for Jen because she was recovering from knee surgery, then her very first game upon returning (a month into the season) she sprained her right wrist. She overcame her obstacles and had a great year. We're sad
the season's over. Good Job slugger.

Jentay is done but Tyler's still playing!

Tyler is having fun this year. He knows some of the boys on his team - finally!
You never know who is going to be on your team because of the "draft".
Tyler as the catcher.

Ready at First Base.

Slugger #2!

I might complain because I'm never home, but really I love watching my
kids play what they love. The weather has been wonderful to sit out and watch ballgames in. No more complaining!
America's favorite past time = Taylor's favorite past time.