Friday, February 20, 2009

Jen's knee surgery.

Jen had arthroscopic knee surgery on Monday 2/9.
She has had knee trouble for the last couple of years, but specifically on her left knee since last July. The doctor's and trainers at her school thought that she had a torn meniscus because of the way it popped and didn't heal for such a long period of time. She tried exercising it to make it stronger - didn't work.
Dr. Porter had the attitude of "let's see what the problem is and let's take care of it!"

Good News! She did not have a torn meniscus. She had an extra film of skin (Plica) that had grown over the meniscus that was folded over and it was causing irritation in there. He went in and cleaned it all out. Recovery time should be a lot less time than a repair on a meniscal tear. Yay.

If you look closely you can see where they marked above her knee w/pen - saying it was the correct knee to scope. Jen says it looks like she was bitten by a vampire.

Jen is recovering so well. She visit's the school trainer everyday for 6th hour. She doesn't particularly like that because it's painful. She should be able to start playing catch for softball next week. Each week she should be stronger and should be able to play softball in a couple of weeks. We're keeping our fingers crossed.
We're hoping this does the trick!
It will!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trip to Wichita!

Kenny & I flew to Wichita last week end. We were able to see one of Graham's basketball games. They beat Drake. It was a lot of fun.

We thought this picture was a good one! It happened to make it onto the front page of the Sports section of Wichita's newspaper.

Graham and Jessica after the game.
(The cute little girl to the left is a friend to a girl that made a t-shirt that had Graham's name and # on it. She had Graham sign it.)

Kenny & I after the game.
Jessica did my make-up. She did my eye's so they would "pop". Whatever that means. I told her I felt like a "painted lady".

Graham during his game.

Graham shooting during warm-ups. Jessica said it was the 1st time she had gotten there early enough to see warm-ups. She's too funny!

Kenny and Jessica during half-time.

We visited Jessica's school. She gave me a facial, did some waxing and make up. She did a great job and she graduates tomorrow! (2-6-09) It was so much fun to meet the cute girls she has made friends with at her beauty school.

We had a great trip - once we got there. We flew on Buddy passes - we didn't make it on either flight the 1st day. We finally got there and enjoyed every minute of it.
Thanks Jessica and Graham for having us.