Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trip to the cabin!

We took a trip to the cabin to
spend some time with Kenny's parents
and bring them home for my nephews
missionary homecoming.
It is so much cooler in the mountains!

Kenny, Jennifer, Courtney, Jaxon & I
made the trip.
It was fun to get some one on one time
with Kenny's parents and Courtney and Jaxon.
We always eat tons up there. The girls
(Court, Jen & I) stayed
up and watched a chick flick one night. On
the last night we played cards. Some day somebody
is going to beat Jennifer at cards!!! She ALWAYS
wins. (Can you tell, it is a competitive thing with me?)
It was a nice little get-away. Thanks Courtney and Jaxon
for going with us. We had so much fun.

Jen & Jaxon quietly sneaking some snacks at bedtime.

Courtney and Jennifer enjoying S'mores (a tradition by the fire)

Jaxon showing me his graham cracker, he didn't want the other stuff
inside the cracker.

We couldn't wait to sit by the fire. It's another tradition at nighttime.
Can you believe that it is cool enough somewhere to wear a jacket and
sit by a fire to keep warm?

Jaxon loved collecting rocks. Can you see the rocks on the log by him?
All my kids when they were younger collected rocks and we would
have to display them on their dressers until I thought they had
forgotten about them and then I would secretly throw them away.

Courtney holding Jaxon when he was tuckered out.

A nice little tour in the electric car.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

We love celebrating birthdays!!
Lunch - Movie - Texas Sheet Cake

Cant' get much better than that!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Late Birthday to Courtney & Jaxon.
Both their birthday's have come and gone, but

Courtney turned 23 on May 25th.
She has been such a joy to me.
She is always willing to help and then some.
She never complains. She lives by the motto,
Come what may, and love it.
She is a good little mom and wife, and a great daughter!
Love ya lots, Happy Birthdday Courtney.
(Better late than never)

Courtney 10 months old.

Jaxon turned "2" on June 3rd.
Courtney gave him a "Blue's Clue's"
Birthday party with his friends.
Jaxon had a 2nd birthday party for his family
in the Overstreet's backyard. They had a blow up
water slide to play in. Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera.
Jaxon is such a happy boy.
We were so excited when he was born.
We're always so excited when
he comes to our house. He is getting so big.
Happy 2nd Birthday Jaxon! We love you.

Jaxon at 3 months old.

A more recent picture of Jaxon.