Sunday, February 6, 2011

16 on the 16th

Tyler turned 16 on 1/16, and we held his Eagle Court of Honor on 1/29.
We were busy celebrating him. Tyler is very obedient. He never complains about serving others. He is quiet, yet he is heard.

Tyler in his 1st Suit. (Sorry we cut the top of your head off - in the picture)

McKay Angle, Jeremy Skelton and Tyler sang "Armies of Helaman" at their Court of Honor. I teared up a little. These are 3 very good, obedient kids and when they sang the words "we are as the armies of Helaman", I couldn't help but think that they really are.

Receiving their Cow Skull because they each went on the Mormon Battalion outing.

Sitting in the "holding" Eagle's Nest.

Wonderful grandparents attended the Eagle Court.

Tyler's family and future Eagle Scouts.

The Eagle Scouts.

They played a game that Tyler was so excited for. He wrapped up a jar of pennies with layers of newspaper and duct tape. The boys would roll the dice and whoever rolled doubles would get to try to open the wrapped present. The boys didn't know what was inside. Jen and I had put dollar bills in the jar, but Tyler (penny pincher) replaced the dollars with pennies. The kids went a little wild, tearing that thing open. It was fun to watch.

Kenny and Brother Stahle (one of Tyler's wonderful leaders) enjoying some cake and ice cream.

Tyler's Display table at the Eagle Court.

Tyler and Edward looking at McKay Angle's display table.

Tyler, McKay and Jeremy meeting with the man representing the Mormon Battalion.

McKay and Jake working on their gum art. They softened up their bubble gum then had to make a picture on an index card and then the adults had to guess what their picture was. Only boys could have fun with this.

Tyler D.J. & Rome working on their gum art.

Thank you to all who supported Tyler in his celebrations!