Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Arrival!

Courtney had her baby on Sunday, October 25th at 5:01PM. Boston Overstreet was delivered by emergency C-section. I barely made it there in time, like Jason posted on Courtney's blog. Jen & I were going to the hospital to see Courtney because Jason was sick with the flu and they won't let Jaxon in the hospital at all because of the H1N1. (A mother that delivered a baby on Sat. died of the H1N1 at that hospital so they are being VERY cautious, which they should.) Jason called me while we were on our way there and said for us to hurry because they were going to deliver Courtney's baby within 30 min. (She lives 45 min away). Jen drove like a maniac trying to get there in time and WE MADE IT! The Dr. spoke to me before the delivery and said they would let the baby cry and then they would intubate him. I don't like that, so luckily that didn't happen, he was breathing on his own fine. He was 4 lbs and 6 oz. Courtney is a trooper and doing great. Her white blood count was up along with Boston's so they are treating them both with antibiotics. They also gave Courtney Tamaflu. I told Jason that I'm not quite as good of a coach as he would have been but I was so excited to be there. I even got to cut the cord! I KNOW they (Court & Boston) were very much looked after and I'm so grateful they are both doing great! I took a lot of pictures with Courtney's cell phone but I don't have a picture to share with you. He is little. You can go to Courtney's blog to take a peek at Boston.