Monday, March 21, 2011

We went to St. Louis
1) to see the Archway to the West - we're underneath looking straight up.

We rode up in a little car inside this arch. At the top, Jess and I looking out at the city of St. Louis.

This is what we saw - the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

2) We also watched Graham's basketball tournament.

I love this team photo.

Hustling for the ball.

While we were gone Tyler accompanied the Mesa High Basketball team to the State Playoffs. Doug and Patty sent us this picture of Tyler at the Glendale Arena. Sounded like an ugly game for Mesa.

We've enjoyed following the "shockers men's basketball team". We will miss watching them. We don't want this season to end. Graham is a senior and is finishing this years season by playing in the NIT. He has a great work ethic - he works really hard at basketball and puts in extra time shooting after practice. He has been a good example to his teammates - now some of them stay and shoot after practice also. He has also been honored academically.

We stayed in the neatest little hotel. It had the feel of a bed and breakfast because it felt so homey/cozy, but it wasn't. They had delicious hot, homemade chocolate chip cookies every afternoon for us to enjoy after being gone most of the day to basketball games.
I wish I had a picture of it, but I don't.
I made some "worms" for my grandsons to eat. I thought they would really like them. Jaxon was not going to touch them. Jaxon agreed to taste them only if Boston and Jason would taste them. We all had to show Jaxon they were ok to eat, then he was a good sport and tasted them. They actually liked them.


Tyler getting ready for his first date. Studly. We were gone so Jen helped him spruce up. So glad he brushed his teeth! (He is actually really good about brushing his teeth - so I shouldn't worry - but I do).