Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scary times at Work!

We've had some scary things happen at work. My heart goes out to some of the students that are soooo troubled. In the last 3 days of work - we've had 2 drug overdoses - and I can't say a whole lot about the other scare except that the Secretary showed me where the bullet proof vest was!!!!
Hug your children!
What is happening in
"Your neck of the woods"
during Spring Break?

Jessica is experiencing 15" of snow in Kansas - while Jennifer is soaking up some rays in Arizona.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Love!!!!
Springtime...Spring Break....Spring Training...Spring Fever!!!!
I thought 3:00 PM would never come on Friday the 13th.
I usually get off work at 3:30 but... Jen had a softball game and it was the Friday before spring break, no one else stuck around so ADIOS McKellips Middle School!

A Big thanks to my wonderful ward family. We had a ward campout last week-end and was I excited (no), but I was in charge of the activity. Needless to say, it turned out to be SOOO much fun. This is why it was fun:
1) Fun Ward Family
2) Huge Bonfire (night & morning) Bro. Angle made a huge metal fire pit that we kept stocked w/ fire wood. We sat around the fire and laughed and talked til 12:30AM.
3) Good Food (Thanks Amanda Raine)
4) Fun Games (The men & some woman got a little competitive in Horse Shoes)
5) Wonderful Camp site (no dirt - well, paved roads and a side walk all the way to the indoor bathrooms)
6) Indoor bathrooms - running water and also showers if you wanted.
7) Gorgeous view of Roosevelt Lake
8) Wood stove in our tent!! I can't tell you what a big difference this made in how I liked this camping trip. I get cold so easy and I don't sleep well when I'm cold, let alone in a sleeping bag. Bro. Angle again came through and let us use his big tent that had a wood burning stove inside. It was so warm and cozy!
9) Wonderful weather - beautiful clear skies, beautiful sunset.
10) Bishops message on Being Grateful for what we have and quit looking elsewhere for happiness when it's in our own front yard. Thanks Bishop - he's truly and inspired man.

I forgot to take my camera - sorry no pictures.
I also got to eat at "The Burger House" . It was my first time. Yummy.