Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Popping" to ask Jen to Prom

While we were away to work and school
a certain someone filled Jen's room
with lots of balloons asking her to prom.
I was hoping to see it, but I was too late,
they were all popped.
My reaction was "Why didn't you wait til I got home?"
Jen's reply, "I couldn't wait!"
Imagine that!!!!
Here's the aftermath.

Jen popped and popped to find out who?

A missing "O"

Jacob Matthew Young

Prom is May 2nd!
We're excited.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt - Rain or Shine!!!!
Courtney brought Jaxon to our Neighborhood Easter Party.
Jen and Jaxon gathering eggs.
The Zilm's yard was where the
1 year olds hunted for Easter Eggs.

We told Jaxon to smile for the camera. "Cheese"

Our Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt was in jeopardy for the first time since I can remember because of RAIN!
The party must go on - is what the consensus was.
The kids that came filled their Easter baskets to the brim! They made a haul.
We had great HOT homemade cinnamon and orange rolls - yummy!
And last minute (because of cold & rainy weather), we changed our juice to Hot Chocolate. Another Hit.
Thanks to all who braved the rain and came to the neighborhood party.
Does anyone know how long we have been having our Neighborhood Easter Party?