Monday, June 28, 2010

Jessica's Hobby
Jessica always wanted to own a bakery. Maybe someday. She has been practicing her baking skills. She made this cute "Cheeseburger & Fries" cake. Isn't it cute.

Question? Meal or Dessert?
Keep it up Jess.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Week with ALL of family.

Boston's first teeth came through.
If we took Boston's helmet off you could see that he has a buzzed hair cut like his Uncle Graham.

Celebrating Courtney's birthday.
Courtney doesn't like cake so we made her cheesecake (her favorite).
It turned out yummy - white chocolate blueberry cheesecake.
Jaxon helping her blow out the candle.

We had a fun "girls day out". We ate lunch (sorry no pictures - we were busy talking and eating)
Then we got our pedicures. What did Jen have to drink?
This was my mother's day present from my girls. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks girls!

Courtney asked Jessica to make Jaxon a Spiderman Cake for his birthday party.
Jess & Jen coloring the fondant.

cutting the windows out of the buildings.....

adding the buildings to the cake....

adding the spider web and of course the spiders.....

the finished product.... It turned out really nice, and it tasted yummy too.

Jaxon turns 3 years old.
... opening his presents....

Jaxon got a digital camera. He loves to take pictures. Maybe we'll have a photographer in the family.

Jaxon and his Spiderman cake. (We hated to cut into it)

We had a wonderful week, celebrating birthday's, playing cards, & of course eating.
Jess & Graham have gone home and Jason left to train for his new job. We wish Jason luck in his new job. Hang in there Courtney!
We'll miss them, and will look forward to our next visit!