Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maui Invitational - November 2010

Hula dancers during half time ... only in Hawaii!

The Maui Travelers: Quinlan (oops, eyes closed), Renee, John, Kenny, Jessica & Lori

A good picture of John and Renee.

The reason we were in Maui. Graham shaking hands with his opponent.

Kenny, Jessica & me. Some of our pictures were a little dark - maybe it's our Hawaiian tan?!

Kenny & I had eaten at this restaurant 25 years ago while on our honeymoon in Maui. It was recommended to us way back then and it was still running strong. It is an Italian restaurant named "Longi's". While we were driving through Lahaina, we're trying to remember the name of the restaurant - we didn't remember the name but as we walked past it, we saw the black & white tiles on the floor and we both said "That's it!"

Having lunch in the open air by the ocean.

Jessica & Kenny "Bring Some Aloha home"

Shopping in Lahaina.

Now you know why Kenny agreed to go hiking!

We hiked through a golf course (John's choice) Jessica, Renee & Quinlan down below. I think they are too little to see.

We hiked along the beautiful coastline.

Again, hiking along the coastline.


We took a driving tour around the island. This is a little one lane road we were on. Kenny called it the "white knuckle" drive. If a car came around the other side they had to back up until they found a cranny in the cliff to pull over so that we could pass.

The ocean is sooo blue. It's beautiful.

I loved the little church in the valley.

We had such a wonderful trip. Weather was beautiful. Food was great. Company was fun. Games were exciting. What more could you ask for?!
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