Sunday, May 25, 2008


Jessica and I made Courtney a Strawberry Cake for her birthday.
It was yummy!!!!
As a tradition, we go out to eat as a family on the kids birthday's. Their choice. Afterwards we came to our house to eat cake.

Today is Courtney's 22nd Birthday!!!!
She was born on Memorial Day 22 years ago.
She's twinners with Marshall Hamblin.
(We were neighbor's w/ the Hamblins,
we ended up at the same hospital, same Doctor, same nurse.
Lori and I are both competitive and we were racing
to see who would have their baby first.
She won by an hourish.) Happy Birthday Marshall!

Courtney's Smile!!! At a young age, Courtney had her "camera smile" down. She's always happy and smiling. She is holding a puppy at her great grandma's house. She was naturally gentle and nurturing. She was always such a good "big" sister to her younger siblings.

Courtney's 1st Grade Picture. Courtney always seemed so grown up. She had a perm in 1st grade. She always looked so feminine and pretty. (It has always been fun to dress her up because she liked the girly stuff)

Like I said before, Courtney being the oldest was always a big help to me with her younger brother and sisters. She is a great "big" sister!!!! Each time I had a new baby, Kenny would take the other kids to the zoo. I was home w/ baby Tyler.

Courtney loves to play the piano. She was a dream child. I never had to ask or remind her to practice the piano. She just did it. She blesses many peoples lives w/ her talents.

Courtney had a very rough senior year. Her boyfriend died of cancer in Feb. of her senior year. What a GREAT example she was to all of us. She was so courageous! She faced her challenge straight on and never felt sorry for herself in any way. She endured faithfully.

She has always known what she wants. She met Jason and knew right away that he was who she wanted to marry. (Great choice) They are a wonderful couple who have their priorities straight. They are a cute little family!!!
She is a wonderful wife, mother and especially a wonderful daughter.
Thanks Courtney! I love you,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jen's Allergic Reaction

Jen at Banner Gateway Hospital. I was impressed with the hospital. It was nice and new and from start to finish we were there only 3 hours. That was amazing. The Dr.s & Nurses were very nice.

Poor Jen's been pretty sick. She has been treated for Strep this past week and has been taking a high dose of Amoxicillin. Upon taking her last antibiotic pill, she started breaking out in a rash. I gave her benadryl and she went to sleep (or we thought she did). She woke us up at 3:00 AM and told us she couldn't sleep. She was climbing the walls, she was itching so bad. She was getting worse. I gave her more benadryl. Long story short, I ended up taking her to the emergency room, and they found out she doesn't have strep. She is having an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin. I have never seen a rash this bad. I wish there was something I could do to help her be more comfortable.

The above pictures are her arm, her leg and her back.

I hope she can take her finals tomorrow??????

She probably won't be wearing her bathing suit to Grad Night. (ha, ha)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prom Night 2008

Sisters helping sisters!

Courtney and Jessica getting Jenny ready for Prom - HAIR - MAKEUP!

Jen and her date Jake Young - Kodak Moments
So Cute!

Sisters checking on her as she's leaving. Are they holding hands????

And they're OFF!!!!

Jenny was sick that day, but she still looked beautiful. Jake had to bring her home early because she was not feeling well. So Sad!