Monday, July 26, 2010

TAYLOR REUNION - 7/24/2010

Jason eating the donut on the string.

Brian, Jennifer and Ashley eating donuts.

Three-legged Race

Little kids eating the donut off from the string.

Boston with Marley - they are second cousins born on the same day.

The first generation men trying to hit the tennis ball across the line without using their hands. They have a potato in a pair of hose hanging from their waist. They were supposed to hit the tennis ball with their hanging potato. (This was harder than it looked - I'll just say, they're cheaters)

Gpa and Gma Taylor - the two responsible for this reunion.

All the dad's of the kids 5 years and younger lined up for...

....getting the shaving cream squirted off by a water gun.
Jaxon got closer and closer....

The little kids playing "whack the cracker" - you can see the crackers hanging down behind them. The adults (or so called adults) played this game also - it was brutal, but fun to watch.

My family surprised me with my favorite cake - Texas sheet cake. Thank you Courtney, Jennifer and Kenny. It was yummy.

We had a great time in the nice, cool pines. The kids (and adults) enjoyed the thunder and rain. So sad it is over.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

to the National Jamboree

Tyler and his companion from New Mexico - Caleb Martineau

5 HP scouts James, DJ, Jake, Tyler and Jeremy

Jen will miss her little buddy.

Bon Voyage until 8/5.