Friday, July 29, 2011

Barricaded inside our house for 2 hours while a felon suspect was hiding on our neighbors roof. They didn't know he was hiding on the roof, they were checking our backyards and houses.
Looking out our front window we counted 13 cop cars. There were more but from our view that's all we could see. We had police/swat members in our driveway behind a vehicle with guns aimed, ready to shoot. This tile on our neighbors house moved and the swat members heard it, drawing their attention to the roof and that's how they found the suspect hiding behind this big bush on top of the roof.

The suspect left something behind in the bush.

A little excitement for the night. I wanted to take pictures of the happenings outside, but was afraid that any flash would draw fire. There were a lot of pistols and rifles surrounding our house and our neighbors houses.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Holy Cow! Holly Ashby mentioned this morning that there had been a big to-do over there recently with cops and helicopters & stuff! Glad they caught him!

•stephanie• said...

you had a much better view of the goings-on than we did. glad you survived the incident!

Courtney Overstreet said...

So scary. I'm glad he made a noise or else you guys would have been trapped inside a lot longer- that was a good hiding spot. I'm glad everybody's ok and that you had some excitement!

Terri said...

You just never know what is going on at your neighbors house, do ya! Glad he didn't get you when you were outside. Glad you took pictures, I didn't think of doing that.